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DGAMovieCars specializes in period vehicles and props. If your event has a special need vehicle give us a call and our staff will locate that special need for you. We also specialze in transportation be it next door or across the world we can handle you event for you. .


We can supply your special need vehicle for your production


Set your Photoshoot apart from the rest with a special unique vehicle.

Company Party

If your company is having a party why not do it with a theme and make it a party to remember.. Take you faviote movie of tv show and bring in the vehicles from the show. This will be the take for years to come.


Use one of our Famous Cars at your booth. You will attact new customers and contacts just by people stopping by to look at the vehicle. What a great way to make initial contact with proseptive customers.

Ad Campain

Need a special vehicle for a ad campain? We have it and can deliver it. Need it wrap with your advertising we can handle it.


DGA MovieCars
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